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Private Collection - Fine Floors & Faux Finishes

We are currently shipping furniture kits. Flooring kits will be available sometime in mid August. Please check back for updates.

Offering dollhouse miniature laser-cut floors and faux finishes. The floors come in both one inch scale and half inch scale. The one inch scale floors have more than enough pieces to make up at least a 12 x 12 floor, where the half inch floors are 6 x 6. The pieces are 1/16" thick. Easy to follow directions and diagrams are included. No special stains are needed as the floors are made out of maple, walnut, cherry and oak. If you want a special look, all styles are offered in basswood which can be stained or painted to your specifications. Go to The Quarry to see some examples of painted and faux finishes. Dealer inquiries welcome!

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Cherry Brooke Cherry Design Cherry Dot
Cherry Puzzle Cherry Tumbling Blocks Cherry & Maple Brooke
Cherry & Maple Puzzle Maple Brooke Maple & Cherry Brooke
Maple & Cherry Designer Maple & Cherry Puzzle Maple Designer
Maple Dot Maple Puzzle Walnut Tumbling Blocks


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Private Collection Blog

Inside the Walls of a Dollhouse

Dollhouses are undeniably a huge segment of every little girlís dream. Most parents have reservations about getting their daughters dollhouses for the belief that dollhouses are extremely high maintenance and would take a lot of work to complete. Setting up dollhouses is not that demanding. Manufacturers of dollhouse parts and accessories continue to make innovations in their products to make putting together a dollhouse much easier.

Whatís in the Box?

Building a dollhouse couldnít get much easier since its accessories are classified and sold as a set according to which part of the dollhouse they belong to. There is a different set for every room of the dollhouse. There is a comprehensive instructions guide that comes with the box. Each part is numbered or coded to identify which part it should be connected to. Letís consider an example of how to set up the front lawn and garden of a dollhouse.

Setting Up the Front Lawn and Garden of a Dollhouse

The lawn is considered the easiest to set up since it consists of the least parts. You don't even have to own your own ZTR mower to take care of it. Usually, there will be 4-6 pieces of matting with holes and pegs that you would put together like you would a jigsaw puzzle. Once the matting has been set up, all thatís left is to arrange the accessories which do not require any assembly (such as the lawn chairs, table, miniature pets, flower pots/planters, etc.) according to your liking.

Thatís all it would take to put together a dollhouseís front lawn and garden. Now youíre a step closer to completing your very own dollhouse.

Easy Dollhouse Kitchen

A dollhouse is not just a miniature structure that helps little girls play out their make-believe stories; it is, for a fact, a pleasant product of creativity. Like in a real house, a dollhouse would not be complete without a kitchen. This article will show you how easy it is to put together a standard kitchen for the dollhouse youíre building. The kitchen has a lot of details so letís begin by separating the parts that have to be assembled first from those that donít.

Kitchen Parts that Require Assembly and/or Installation

  • Walls
  • Overhead Cabinets
  • Wall-mounted Shelves
  • Kitchen Counter/Island with drawers
  • Curtain Set with rod
  • Doors and Windows
  • Miniature Light Fixtures
  • Wall Display
  • Propane Smoker
  • Sink with drawers and dishwasher
  • Faux finishes (marble or wood flooring, wallpaper, etc.)


  • Dining set
  • Kitchen tools (whisk, ladle, tongs, cooking spoon, etc.)
  • Cutlery
  • Cooking pots and pans
  • Kitchen appliances (oven, cooker, refrigerator, etc.)
  • Play Food Toy Set
  • Miscellany (tablecloth, flower vase and other decorations)

Now itís time to put the parts together.

Steps to Putting Together the Dollhouse Kitchen

  1. Begin with the walls, if desired, cover them with wallpaper. Do the same for the flooring, you may use marble or wood flooring or whatever faux floor finish your set came with.
  2. After the wall and flooring preparation, follow the instructions guide included in the box to identify which wall section should be connected to which part of the flooring. Once done, your structure should now look like an empty open-faced box-type room.
  3. Individually assemble the wall fixtures and cabinetry: the cabinets, racks, shelves, kitchen counter, and sink.
  4. Next, install the assembled parts and accessories one by one. Install the cabinetry except the kitchen counter. This is to give you enough room to finish installing other fixtures. Make sure the overhead cabinets, shelves and racks do not block the openings allotted for doors and windows.
  5. After that, carefully install the doors and windows. This step should come before you install the curtain set.
  6. Install the curtain set, light fixtures, wall display, and the kitchen counter.
  7. Arrange the remaining accessories and decorations according to how you want the kitchen to look like.

The dollhouse kitchen has a lot of details but setting it up only takes simple steps that even children can participate in. Make this a great opportunity to bond with children and help them channel their creativity.

How to Put Together a Dollhouse Bedroom

Bedroom is, admittedly, a special room in a house as it is a very personal space. In a dollhouse, setting up the bedroom is an excellent way to exhibit oneís creativity. To begin setting up the bedroom for your dollhouse, segregate the parts according to their order of installation.

Dollhouse Bedroom Parts and their Order of Installation

  1. Walls and Flooring
  2. Cabinetry (Closet, dresser, nightstand, etc.)
  3. Wall fixtures
  4. Doors and Windows
  5. Curtain Set
  6. Bedroom furniture pieces (bed, table, chair, couch, etc.)
  7. Light Fixtures
  8. Tertiary accessories (bedspread, pillows, room plants, and other decorations)

A standard dollhouse bedroom has a lot less detail compared to a dollhouse kitchen. They are easier to setup. Whatís more, a dollhouse can have several bedrooms. You can challenge yourself by setting up more than one bedroom. Once you have prepared and classified the parts to be used. Itís time to work on the bedroom setup.

Setting Up a Basic Dollhouse Bedroom

  1. Prepare the walls and flooring by installing your desired wallpaper and floor finish. Check the instructions guide that came with the bedroom parts for directions on how to put together the walls and flooring to create the open-faced box-type structure for your dollhouse bedroom.
  2. Assemble the pieces of the cabinetry individually. Once assembled, securely place them where you want them inside the empty dollhouse bedroom.
  3. Next, install the wall shelves; taking care not to put them in the way of the doors and windows.
  4. Install the doors and windows in the openings especially allotted for them. There could be more than one door in a bedroom. As you know, a dollhouse is a series of interconnected structures. Just like in a real house, the doors lead to the other dollhouse rooms.
  5. Install the curtain set. Itís up to you if you want to match your curtains with your bedroom wallpaper.
  6. Arrange the furniture pieces for the bedroom the way you prefer. There are no strict rules for this.
  7. Install the main light fixture at the center of the bedroom ceiling.
  8. Finally, arrange the tertiary accessories where they should be and donít forget to decorate the bedroom.

Playtime isnít just about having fun. It is actually a great avenue to hone creativity, attention to detail, logic and many other useful skills. It is an easy way to learn while having fun.



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