The Kutchers


This is the "Us." My husband, Bob, came to New Orleans in 1974 for Loyola Law school (yes, I know every lawyer joke that has hit the internet!) and he never left -- fortunately for me, as I moved to New Orleans with my first husband in 1980 from Los Angeles. While I was born a Yankee, I have become a naturalized Southerner. My sons, J.C. and Skylar, born in California, never left for camp without hot sauce in their suitcases. Their souls are truly here in New Orleans!

J.C., a Newman graduate, received a double degree from Lehigh in Pennsylvania in 1998. He and Erin were married in May of 1999 in Maryland. They bought a home outside of Baltimore that they share with their English Mastiffs, Cleo and Buster. On my fiftieth birthday they surprised me with the best news - they were pregnant! Our grandson was born on July 1st 2002.

Skylar, my youngest son, is also a Newman graduate. He graduated from Georgetown University, with two degrees, accounting and international finance. In 2003, he returned to New Orleans with his then fiancée, Allison, who was attending law school. He bought a duplex, where my studio is now located, took his LSATS and got a scholarship for law school! He’s working by day as a CPA for a company that specializes in not for profit companies and attending Loyola law school at night on a scholarship! Stonewall the Weimeriner has been joined by General the Vizsla. General is currently being shown in confirmation and field trials and doing very well. Allison and Skylar got married in December of 2004. Displaced by Katrina they are in Lexington. VA. where Sky is in law school full time and Allie is working for a local law firm.

Andrea and Jessica (a.k.a. Andy and Jessie) are 18 and 17 respectively. They are known as "The Kutchie Girls" - or Big Kutch and Lil Kutch. Andy is at Millsaps college where she is playing volleyball and hopefully majoring in business administration (this week). Andy got two scholarships for Millsaps, and being a divisions 3 school, neither was for athletics!

Jessie is in her senior year and due to Katrina has spent the first quarter at a school in Dallas – which is where we went when we evacuated. The day Jess was enrolled into her school here she was playing in a volleyball game that afternoon! They were just great to all the families from New Orleans. Hockaday waived the tuition gave the girls books and uniforms and embraced all the families. 12 out of 30 girls in her senior class ended up here!

We are hoping to return home, to New Orleans, soon. I urge you to donate to the SPCA, Humane Society or the Salvation Army. The American Red Cross has learned nothing from their experience of 9/11 and it took them 8 weeks to get financial assistance locations in the state of Louisiana for those who needed it. They are not worthy of your dollars and I will certainly not donate to them again.If you have any desire to read about our Katrina adventure please go to our blog or my personal ranting.

Bob is a partner in a local law firm and is very supportive of my vocation of miniatures and my hobby of scrapbooking. When I made IGMA Guild Artisan, he took me out to dinner and stopped everyone to tell them! He is a lawyer, a wonderful father and husband. Bob's hobbies are eating, (so you know the food links will be great!), working out (so he can eat) and his family (I think because we feed him!). He really has a wonderful sense of humor - after all he married me!

The first time I went to the Guild School, I had been in miniatures for exactly 6 months. Let me tell you what. The Guild School is one of the biggest bargains and best things you can do for yourself as a miniaturist. The school is open to all levels of students, and the friends you will meet there will enhance your life multiple times! Betty Burkey, the past school director and her husband Bill, one of my first teachers at Castine, are directly responsible for encouraging me to get my IGMA Artisan. Barbara Davis is now the school director and doing a fabulous job. I can't urge you enough to attend this "summer camp" for miniaturists! Everything I have learned and the wonderful friends and contacts I have made are responsible for the creation of Private Collection. Please go to IGMA for more information about the school, study programs and the organization.

Well, you have learned about my kids, my husband, me and one of my passions, the Guild School. Guess all that is left are the dogs. We lost the original "big guy" Luca, to bone cancer and Teddy followed him over the Rainbow Bridge shortly after. . Imogene, our German rescue Leonberger also made the journey . However we have added two more Leonbergers, which are a very rare giant German breed. Abel joined us in late April 2001 at the Leonberger Club of America Specialty and in August of 2001, I traveled to Belgium to bring home our youngest Leo, Alexis from the Goffas at the Bukitbarisan Kennel. We also have Buddy, a Brussels Griffon, Jessie's best bud and Anita, a mutt we found wandering the streets in the rain two years ago.

Now, go on -- get outta here and go see something fun! Like Mardi Gras or a silly surprise!

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