The Big Guys

Abel and Fia

While I was at the National Specialty, I picked up Abel and Fia from their breeder.  They are brother and sister.  I co-own Fia and she lives nearby.  Abel lives with our family and is the reason we don't let Bob name the dogs any more.  I mean really... Cane and Abel????

Abel's registered name is Favre vom Sanften Leowen after Bret Favre of the Green Bay Packers.  His breeder called him Tank.  I think you can understand why!


Cane and Abel

The boys (Cane on right, Abel on left) are growing up to be big beautiful guys.  Leos are the most incredible breed I have ever been involved with.  Gentle, kind, humorous and devoted.

In August of 2001, I traveled to Antwerp, Belgium to pick up this little guy, Alexis.  It was a very long trip but very much worth it. To read more about my trip click here: BELGIUM

Alexis and Renee
The Goffas and Renee

The Goffas of the Kennel Bukitbarisan  were just wonderful!  They are incredibly gracious people and treated me just like family.  I miss them very much!  Here we are at my going away dinner -Bottom row, Eugene, Renee and Rosine - above us, their son in law Diederik and daughter Martine.

Here is Alexis waiting in the Delta lounge for his flight.  He is just as patient and wonderful now. But lots bigger!


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