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This Old Dollhouse
A Miniaturist's Descent Into Madness


2/18/00 - Bit the bullet and decided to take all the siding off. Won't post pictures because I do not want her seen naked on the internet. You know how people pass those pictures around.

By the way, that wonderful stuff I have been using, the Premium foam stripper by Strip Klean? It ate my heavy duty finishing gloves off today! I was working away and looked down and one of the finger tips from the glove was laying on the ground and there was a big hole in the thumb! It must be the stuff that got to my hand. It is well worth it though (after all I almost have my fingerprints back on my left hand). It takes everything off with little fight.

Tomorrow I hope to clean the outside shell and bug juice so I can gesso the inside. Ordered all the exterior wood (hopefully) today. With shipping it cost $108.42. Forgot to order the 1/4 x 1/16 s for under the eaves but am hoping that I will have enough scraps to take care of them.

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