Noel's return to his first avocation of painting full-sized watercolors has evolved into his miniature work. A signature member of the Northwest Watercolor Society, he is equally at home with marines, architecture, landscapes, cityscapes (Florence and Venice especially), still-lifes, and florals. Some are miniature orginals, others are small versions of his award-winning full-size paintings. All are individually painted (not printed), signed, matted and framed by the artist. For further information, see the article on his work in the July 1996 Nutshell News, or contact the artist at the address below. Each original painting is priced at $250.00.

These images are larger than the actual sizes to show their wonderful detail.

Painting 1
Painting #1
Painting 2
Painting #2
Painting 3
Painting #3
Painting 4
Painting #4
Painting 5
Painting #5
Painting 6
Painting #6
Painting 7
Painting #7
Painting 8
Painting #8

Painting 9 - SOLD
Painting 10
Painting #10
Painting 11
Painting #11
Painting 12
Painting #12
Painting 13
Painting #13
Painting 14
Painting #14

To purchase a miniature Noel Thomas watercolor painting,  or for further information on Thomas handmade miniatures and building supplies, please send a #10 SASE to:

Noel & Pat Thomas
P.O. Box 213, Dept. MM
Seaview, WA  98644

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