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Exterior of California Craftsman Style Bungalow

This one room, circa 1914 bungalow was inspired by the homey, deep-eaved California craftsman style. Noel's design endows the basic bungalow with such Greene and Greene refinements as weathered shingle siding and graceful cloud-lift framing around the front door and windows. Included in the layout is a roomy front porch and side alcove with piano window. Open at the back, the project could be the front section of a larger house, or simply as is —   — a representational architectural fragment.

Students will begin with a partially completed shell to which you will apply the distinctive architectural elements. You'll learn how the Thomas's build custom doors and windows, and adapt manufactured and “found” items to suit their needs. Using hand tools, acrylic paint and watercolors, Bug Juice, wire brushing and natural materials, you will also learn to recreate the look and feel of the building as it appears today. Although the project will not be completed by week's end, students will go home with all the materials and instructions to complete it on their own. As time permits, there will be discussion of the interior treatments. Students can have the fun of deciding for themselves how they will finish their bungalow interior.

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Interior of California Craftsman Style Bungalow


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